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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Call for Freedom Forging the finest print

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm starting to see signs of totalitarianism in Singapore. The People's Action Party is starting to take control of the people, attempting to justify their belief that there's no need for an Opposition. The PAP has the nerve to field candidates who publicly proclaim that they see no need for an Opposition. The Senior Minister has threatened to cut off upgrading for wards that vote for the Opposition. Make no mistake, these are outright threats to the populace.
Democracy and freedom is threatened in this part of the world. People are starting to speak up and speak out, to stand up for what they believe in...but the Government is becoming increasingly harsher on them. The people's voice shall not be silenced; the seeds of dissent are being sowed, and rest assured that we WILL be heard!
I have to lie low for a while. It is entirely possible that I might 'disappear' in the near future. If I do, never forget the Republic, and spread the word!

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