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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Usenet Forging the finest print

You know, whenever I think of Usenet, and who writes in some of the news groups, I have to wonder why they haven't caught on as an information source the same way as these blogs have. Certainly, differences exist in what the two can do, but Usenet has a long tradition of having some highly intelligent news groups where respected authors take part. Seeing who the great posts get almost no coverage anywhere, I thought I'd point out what I consider the best I've seen posted in 2005. I've yet to name what I'll call this award, but I'm thinking I should adopt the KISS principal, and simply call it Typewriter's Annual Usenet Award, or maybe nickname it the UseType. Very well, the first UseType goes to author Tom Clancy, posting in alt.books.tom-clancy.

To be honest, I'm not even sure the post comes from 2005, because I lost track of where it is, but know it came from his Usenet account, because I copied it to a word document from there. Since I can't find the link, I'll have to post the whole thing.
Mr. Clancy, I consider this an excerpt because I'm not reproducing the whole discussion thread.

But if you're going to carry a gun, stopping power is important.
So says Mr. McCall. But he is mistaken. “Stopping power” is a myth.
Death happens when the brain ceases to function. That can happen due to
physical disruption or more frequently through oxygen deprivation.
A knitting needle in the skull will be immediately fatal. So will a
.22LR—this round actually kills more than any other due to its
ubiquity—which is why John Kelly used it in WITHOUT REMORSE. They’re also
easily suppressed, but they have superior penetrating power to a .45ACP due to
their cross-sectional density.
In the 1980s, the FBI undertook a program to determine how bullets kill people.
This happened because of the Platt-Mattix shootout in Miami in April, 1986, in
which two FBI Special Agents, Ben Grogan and Jerry Dove, were killed by two
very well prepared bad guys (who did not survive the event). Platt, the
principal bad-guy shooter sustained a non-survivable wound from Jerry Dove’s
S&W 9mm automatic, but lived long enough to kill both Dove and Grogan before he
was killed by a shot to the head from Special Agent Edmundo Mireles (who had
sustained a massive wound to hie left forearm in the engagement), along with
his friend, Mattix. The way all this happened is very different from the ABC TV
movie made of the event. The FBI made a training tape of the shootout, starring
my friend, Pat, who is the “real“ Pat O’Day in my books, and a pistol
shot—and pistol instructor—of note, playing the role of Mattix. You would
not believe how this one played out, but reality ain’t the movies.
The FBI Study determined that penetration is the most important factor in
wounding and killing a human target. They also determined that since you want
to deprive the brain of oxygen, the more you make the target bleed, the quicker
he will be incapacitated (the term they use, as it’s preferable to
“killed”). The final score is simple. Sam Colt was right all along: a
large-diameter, heavy, and slow bullet will kill more effectively that a fast
light bullet. The 1873 .45 Colt cartridge remains the best man-stopper of all
time. The .44 S&W Magnum is no more effective that the .44 S&W Special, which
is its antecedent. They both drill the same diameter hole, and go all the way
through the target in most cases. The bigger the hole, the faster he bleeds
out, and the heavier the bullet, the farther it penetrates, causing more
By contrast, a small, light, high-speed bullet expands too quickly, and
consequently does not penetrate deeply enough to cause significant damage,
which is precisely why Jerry Dove died, after delivering what should have been
a rapidly fatal shot with his S&W automatic. Bad luck for him, his wife, and
his kids.
All of this resulted in the 10mm S&W cartridge, and its shorter cousin, the .40
S&W. The two cartridges are ballistic ally {sic} identical on the target. .45 is
better, but the 10/.40 allow one additional round in the magazine. They both
deliver a 185-grain bullet at (just) subsonic speed, which is ideal, based on
experimental testing.
Nearly everything you see on TV and in the movies about shootouts is false. The
most common reaction to being shot it—no reaction at all. No cartridge, rifle
or pistol, causes people to recoil backwards with the projectile. Shock is
either a total falsehood, or idiosyncratic to the target himself. A pistol
round drills holes. That’s all. It does not transfer energy to any
significant degree. “Temporary cavity” is also a myth. Tissue displaced
radially {sic} from the bullet’s path travels at 1/10th the velocity of the
projectile, and human tissue (exceptions, brain and liver) is inherently
flexible and remarkably resilient. Many “experts” on TV say otherwise. They
are mistaken. I have the FBI study on this issue on my computer, and their
panel of experts include experienced meatball surgeons who’ve conducted
voluminous tests on ballistic geletin, {sic} and the occasional goat.
A man-stopper can be a knitting needle if it’s in the brain case, or any
bullet that makes it there as well. But the head is a small target, and cops
are trained to shot for center-of-mass, meaning the chest, which includes the
heart, lungs, and a lot of major blood vessels. But the human brain can
function for over 30 seconds without oxygen. Various illegal drugs can
accentuate this fact by the counteraction of pain from any wound. So can
adrenelin. {sic} (Misspelled that, oops.) The human body is designed (by God, I
assume) to sustain serious damage and survive. Firearms can cause a lot of
damage without causing rapid incapacitation. Nobody will die quickly from a
shot in the guts, even if the descending aorta is lacerated. It takes time to
bleed to death. “Two in the body,” so the saying goes, “one in the head,
always leaves the target dead.“ That’s how Kelly did it in WITHOUT REMORSE.
(I had three FBI pals coaching me on perfect murders for that effort. You
didn’t think I knew all that myself, did you? I had to learn it. One of
them—call him Bill—is a genius cop who said later that I made Emmet Ryan
too smart for a local cop, but that there are a few like him out there.
Another, the “real” Dan Murray told me that if Kelly had kept his mouth
shut, he could never have been successfully prosecuted. I really goofed on
Anyway, “man-stopper“ is something grossly misunderstood even by otherwise
smart people, like Fred McCall. As Pat tells me, “Anything worth shooting is
worth shooting twice. Ammunition is cheap. Life is expensive.” You keep
shooting until the target is neutralized. All the way dead. Otherwise, why were
you shooting at him in the first place? It’s simple stuff when you think
about it.
You use a heavy, slow bullet into the target’s center of mass, and you keep
shooting until he is no longer a threat. Lire {sic} isn’t TV or the movies.
Success will ruin your life.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Big Announcement Forging the finest print

Typewriterking.info is up! My new home online is looking great, and I plan to incorporate many features with regularly updated content. Some will be ephemeral, while most will be concrete. Please take a look, volunteer to add content if you want, and comment. At this time, the heart of the site is a tikiwiki, so please join in even if you plan to contribute very little. This blog will probably become part of it shortly, as well as many of the other things I have spread across the net. So content is already there, so check it out! And if you take part early and often, you'll get to greatly influence where this project is going!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mapping The Incidents Forging the finest print

Much has been said about the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, but someone at Wikipedia thought to map the phenomenon. Blue represents countries that allowed publication, while red represents nations that banned publication or had major demonstrations against them. Purple countries, like Great Britain, had governments that didn't forbid publication, but had large demonstrations and possibly murders in connection to the cartoons. The shape of the map is hardly surprising on the surface. I admit to being a little surprised any nation in Africa turned blue. What accounts for that?

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Great Power and Great Responsibility Forging the finest print

A few hours ago, I delivered a two-minute speech titled 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility' as part of a competition. Taken from Spider-man and adopted by the organisers, this is my take on this (to the best of my memory):
"Excuse my lack of humour, for I speak on a grim issue. I shall not take the stand of Peter Parker, also known as Spider-man. Instead, allow me to examine our Government. Specifically, Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
"Ladies and gentlemen, no matter what they say, they are the three most powerful people in Singapore. Their word is law. The responsibility of governments is to allow their people to fulfil their potential, to be all they can be...and they have failed!
"Take a good hard look around! Look at what they've done to us! We are an apathetic society! There are people out there who don't even know who the Prime Minister is! They have censored the media, they have censored the Internet, they have suppressed our political opposition, they are trying to buy our votes witht he 'PROGRESS' Package! There are people who don't even know what the Opposition parties are! For crying out loud, I have to register my blog as a political website!
"Ladies and gentlemen, they have great power...but they have not executed their responsibility to the people. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when great power does not come with great responsibility. This is why great power comes with great responsibility."
This is the art of speech-making: assertive, refined nonsense. I actually prefer making emotive speeches like this...but it's sorta risky in this country. If I were to make this speech in public, I'd be arrested and thrown into jail for a month.
No, I'm not joking. Neither was I exaggerating about what the Government can do. There is something terribly wrong with my country...and very few people actually care. The majority would rather keep their mouths shut, and not say anything. Case in point, the chief judge implied that I need to say things responsibly.
I am being responsible. I have a duty to my country. It is my responsibility to point out the flaws I the Government, and prevent it from becoming a totalitarian neo-Fascist state! Clearly, the meaning of 'responsibility' here has been distorted into 'politically correct'. In my country, being politically correct is crucial to remaining free of trouble.
It is also crucial to the downfall of the principles of the Republic of Singapore.
For any Singaporeans reading this, allow me to refer you to the Pledge:
We, the citizens of Singapore,
Pledge ourselves as one united people,
Regardless of race, language or religion,
To build a democratic society,
Based on justice and equality,
So as to achieve happiness, prosperity, and progress for our nation.
The Pledge invokes our right, nay, duty, to build 'a democratic society based on justice and equality'. There is democracy here, inasmuch as there are elections, and little else. Justice is relative: the courts, contrary to the Constitution, do not appear to be independent of the Executive and the Legislative. Equality is nonexistent: there are housing estates here which lifts that do not go up to every floor because they belong to Opposition-held wards.
We must tear apart the Government's lies. We must learn the truth. We must seize and exercise our right to freedom of speech and a democratic government.
Only then can we truly live as men.
People of the world...this applies to you, too. No Government can exist if the people are opposed to it, and take action to remove it from power. No Government can exist if it has no people to govern. Governments draw their powers from the people, therefore the people are the ultimate check of governments. The power of the people cannot be overemphasised: in the history of mankind, this potent force has brought down many a government.
But we must all remember this: the sound of freedom is not that of a dissenting voice. The sound of freedom is the voice of the people, pure and unmuffled.
On a far lighter note, I won the competition by a unanimous decision.
Would have been better if the other competitors didn't want to concede victory.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

They Throw Rocks! Forging the finest print

I come with a video and a picture. I always wondered what Drew Carrey would look like as a
Southpark character. While that day hasn't come yet, I did get to see Family Guy's Peter Griffin in the role. I'm going to put video from this episode on my journal. Update: it's in my journal.

I also have footage a rocks thrown at US troops. After seeing the troop video, I was reminded that I need to pick up Thomas X. Hammes' book. About the troop video, I should warn of strong language.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Call for Freedom Forging the finest print

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm starting to see signs of totalitarianism in Singapore. The People's Action Party is starting to take control of the people, attempting to justify their belief that there's no need for an Opposition. The PAP has the nerve to field candidates who publicly proclaim that they see no need for an Opposition. The Senior Minister has threatened to cut off upgrading for wards that vote for the Opposition. Make no mistake, these are outright threats to the populace.
Democracy and freedom is threatened in this part of the world. People are starting to speak up and speak out, to stand up for what they believe in...but the Government is becoming increasingly harsher on them. The people's voice shall not be silenced; the seeds of dissent are being sowed, and rest assured that we WILL be heard!
I have to lie low for a while. It is entirely possible that I might 'disappear' in the near future. If I do, never forget the Republic, and spread the word!

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1st Update Forging the finest print

No Trust’s anonymous comment in a previous post has been unlocked. Sorry for the procrastination. To clarify on my Port deal hypothetical, I didn't mean to imply that the UAE was as a national government was a supporter of international terror, my intent was only to project them into a scenario highlighting a successful leaderless resistance cell in an international war.

It is my regret that this became the first of many posts throughout the internet that put Port Royal in a negative light.

As for the future, I'm currently reading a biography of Mr. Adam Smith, so except my observations on that in a few days.

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