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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ZenPundit Forging the finest print


Does anyone else notice that ZenPundit is the only blogger using this :0) emoticon? Does anyone know the origin of it?

Hee, now that I accept comments again, I can make posts for asking questions, like other bloggers with an audience!

Alright, I listened to the weekly presidential radio address via podcasting (using iTunes), and nothing jumped at me accept the president's proud pronouncement that he just submitted the...how did he phrase it? "Most fiscally disciplined federal budget since Reagan?" It may have been "largest cutback in entitlement spending." Whatever it was, I don't consider out-frugaling Clinton and Bush Sr. much in the way of raising the bar.

In case anyone's wondering about the state of this blog, I'm updating using the "blog this!" window, and I'm pushing that streaming TV station away faster as I update more regularly.

I won't let the TV raise you anymore, kids! This feature has no spell check.

Published by Typewriter King | 2:03 AM
I simply like the idea of the smiley meme with a large, rotund, nose :o)
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