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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blog This Feature Once Again Forging the finest print

I've been meaning to use this feature more often, especially in times when I'm not up to making my big "thinking" posts. Never mind that, I'll go with linking and musing right now.

I'll start with Mister Snitch outlining a business model for citizen journalism. Snitch starts off by linking to A Letter to the Bayosphere Community, which I guess is a heartfelt admission of failure, in a sense.
What Dan Gillmor has tried to do isn't all that novel, in my opinion. I can quickly think of other meta news agencies, Metafilter, Slashdot, Wikinews, that nuty one that uses Scoop software, and I can even include Livejournal communities (as long as they're open). If those aren't enough, the celebs even have one, thanks to Arianna.

As to Snitch's ideas, the local portal idea sounds nice, but I've got to wonder if the incentive on the part of the employer is there. The 'net is a huge place, and they don't have to pay someone to record these events. After all, I'm sure many people already are for their own sake.

It is my opinion that news aggregators will grow to do the job of citizen editors, using Chinese style webcrawlers (or, heck, why not tags, or manually browse blogrings?) to find content.

For anything that people pay for, I could leech for free, but I guess one could fool somebody to lend capital to us.

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