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Friday, January 13, 2006

Announcing Cheah's entry... Forging the finest print

(This post is by Leounheort)

Greetings. I am Leounheort, a Singaporean writer who writes under another nom de plume at http://www.fictionpress.com ...one which will only be revealed to whoever asks. My official blog is at http://www.leounheort.blogspot.com, and it is a socio-political commentary. Unlike many of my compatriots, I have absolutely nothing worth talking about in my personal life, although I do have opinions on nearly everything under the sun, and many of my peers don't seem to understand me, so...

Like Typewriter King, I keep my real name to myself, and whoever knows me in the real world. I'm paranoid by nature (and not just of the Government). A long-running joke in Singapore revolves around a man making an anti-Government speech at the Speaker's Corner. He has five people as members of the audience. Three follow him home. As I'd like to believe that this actually has some truth in it, don't expect to see too many personal details. Here're a few:

Just a bit about me. I don't suffer racists and fools gladly; many people can testify to that. In addition, I don't tolerate people who unfairly criticise my country, i.e. slamming the country/Government with fabrications, or without providing any real solutions. Also, I'm an introvert by nature, though I speak out and take charge when the time comes. However, I tend to keep many people at arm's length or beyond; I simply don't trust them enough. Typewriter King is the exception.

That's all I'm inclined to say. I believe in deeds, not words...unless deeds are words. Let my stories, essays, and actions speak for themselves. Wordsmith I may be, but there are some things words cannot describe.

Or at least, within the confines of my mind.

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