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Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Beat My Addiction! Forging the finest print

I didn’t post here for an entire month, signifying that I don’t have an addiction to Blogger. Similarly, I did this with Livejournal once. That said, I’m still getting traffic, curiously. Whatever’s causing it, these silent visitors have pushed me to the top of the Fictionpress ratings. As I’ve said elsewhere, when you type “Fictionpress profile” into Google and hit the “I feel lucky” button, you reach my profile, indicating that I’m the most popular writer on the site…or I gamed the system. Well, unlike with The Truth Laid Bear’s ecosystem, Fictionpress doesn’t have a rating system per se, but rather, my measuring stick relies on Google.

Curiously, I don’t receive many reviews, so I didn’t know how it could be that I’ve gotten so many hits. Also, I don’t have a paid account, so my submissions aren’t featured in “story ads.” These details make it quite a feat, further compounded by the fact I haven’t been there a year, and that many paid users have been there since 2001.

I have had two people so far admit they visit my profile page habitually, one calling herself my “groupie.”

Heh, I didn't link to anyone in this entire post!

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