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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why The Silence Forging the finest print

My essay/column blog (this one) is falling behind, thanks to my cutback in activity. I realize a few people only know me from this account, and may be under the impression that I’ve faded from writing or using the internet. That’s not entirely so. I've actually held tough and punctual over here, at my slightly more personal journal. It has been a project of mine to "naturally" work my way up in popularity at that service, while still holding a disdain for the obvious ways of prostituting for attention. So far, I'm known by a few people, but a large pouring in of eyeballs haven't arrived yet.

So that's been my experiment/preoccupation of late, and it just isn't working so far. Ah hem, beginning that project means ending all phases of the covert flame war with raptor7435 at Fictionpress. He's beyond broken at this point, anyway, and I think the pool is becoming immune to him there. Perhaps swinging it over to Fanfiction.net will cause a more complete breakdown. I will more completely explain my war with his faction in an upcoming series right here, but for now, methinks it's time to let you know what's happening here.

I've long been ill, so I've been taking shortcuts in my writing my customary long posts here.
My condition has rendered me fatigued, so I've cut down on most things in order to grab valuable rest. Among the labor-saving quick fixes I've used were the exploitatioin of Capitalist Magazine's lending policy, the use of the Tom Friedman template, and the reposting of some of my own "classic" columns. Eventually, all of these will wear thin, and interest will completely wane. I've noticed a slight depression in my blogshare value and total number of visits, so I know I've had a small readership growing tired of waiting.

So I'll level with you. I'm going to regurgitate one more series, the “A Very Disappointing Author” series that gained notoriety at Fictionpress, with notes and quotations explaining what was really going on. I’ll explain the war, and why it was necessary. And then you’ll have to wait for a very special treat. I’m once again going to renovate the template, hopefully ushering in a crisper look, while providing more media options. When I’m finished, the layout should superior to that of Reality Hammer, Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler, Barking Moonbat Early Warning System,
Captain's Quarters, and Little Green Footballs combined. It will be difficult to implement, but I don't forsee any problems, as I've made webpages with all the features I have in mind, so if I fall short, it will be do to the limitations of Blogger, and so far, I've seen it do everything I want without faltering.

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