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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Speaking of Satan... Forging the finest print

Just as I was going to fully explain my little fictionpress war, arch victim Justin Brenis dug up one of his old throw-away accounts to warn the world of my activities. Check out his essay, An Attempt at 9,000,000thGen Warfare.

"Has anyone on this website noticed that users like Mbwun, M.Flames (and his/her many, many sub-pseudonyms), SilentBlueRose, Typewriterking, Max Krugman, Darthen and a few other stragglers only seem to come out of the wood work when they can work in a team in an attempt to destroy any number of authors they have set their eyes on?

It seems as though a secret society, a League of Extraordinarily Annoying Gentlemen, if you will, has formed on Fiction Press, and I honestly think it’s time somebody at least pointed it out."

"It seems the soft-spot in their armor, the thing that really bands them together, the straw that breaks their camels backs (and I speak of the camels they ride through the desert while waging their fourth generation warfare) is when we other users decide to have an opinion about ANYTHING, so long as that opinion doesn’t match their own."

As Mr. T said, "I pity the fool." Be sure to read the whole thing. He still isn't following the basic maxim of warfare, to know one's enemy. It doesn't take much research on us to discover my posse isn't a bunch of ideological clones, for starters, and we certainly aren't "fighting" for any unified doctrine.

We'll see what becomes of this.

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