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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Michelle Malkin Has Her Eyes Hacked Forging the finest print

I think Mrs. Malkin is losing her information war. When I last checked her post on Kanye West, practically all of the information she linked to had been altered. She updated to report she'd inadvertantly subjected her readers to a pornographic video, rather than her intended target. Her 'Crooks and Liars' link had also been boogered.

Amusing. At this point, all bloggers have witnessed site owners altering their site's material (which ire their rights as property-owners), often over bandwidth theft; or just to screw around with someone of an opposing ideology.

In my huble opinion, the best case of this blogosphere war spoofing was the left's use of the "Google Bomb." Just type miserable failure into Google, click the "I feel lucky" button, and so what I mean. The right quickly caught on, so Michael Moore comes up second in a "miserable failure" search.

Darn, last month I thought I'd invented the Google Bomb. Don't ask (wink). You've never heard of him.

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