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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Looking Forward to the German Elections Forging the finest print

From the Scotsman:

"A SHY pastor's daughter from the ex-communist east, Angela Merkel will crown an unlikely rise to the pinnacle of German politics on Sunday if she becomes the nation's first female chancellor.

Few would have predicted the unassuming former scientist would make it this far, but a clever analytical mind and a cold readiness to sideline rivals has vaulted her to the top of her male-dominated party and positioned her to become Germany's eighth postwar leader.

Merkel was born in the western port city of Hamburg on July 17, 1954 but moved with her family to East Germany when just a baby.

A bookworm who guards her privacy fiercely and has only recently begun looking comfortable in the media spotlight, Merkel is married to a Berlin chemistry professor and has no children."

I don't expect her to win the majority she expects, unless the German people decide that Schroder's demogogary of America isn't a solution to the problems facing Germany. The PM, however, has decided to stick with it.
"You only need to look to America to see what poverty in old age is." With quotes like that, it is evident that he's clueless. His "social paradise" currently has an unemployment rate approaching twelve percent, hardly something to gloat over. Our's, by the way, is 4.9 percent. I think Germans may actually realize this, but maybe not. I know of Americans that actually believe Canada's far superior to the USA in every measurable way. I don't know what accounts for this, but they also insist speach is better protected in the UK.

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