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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What A Cute Gun! Forging the finest print

You don’t often hear of a machine gun described as adorable, but you also don’t often see a machine gun like this! Very cute.

It appears to be this model here. So it seems these guns really exist.

This novelty weapon was designated the Tippmann Miniature M-1919A4,
According to a website with no apparent title. All sources seem to agree it fires .22 Long Rifle rounds instead of the usual .30-06 used in John Browning's .30 machine gun.

Someone named Valkingwinger seemed to understand a lot about this weapon (the ellipse is mine):

"There {sic} minatures were {sic} originally Tippmanns and .22 caliber. Lakeside now holds the manufacturing rights and whether or not they are in current production is a moot point. The last ones that were legal for civilians to own were last made in 1986 and banned (along with future manufacture of all other civilian MGs) with the "Firearm Owners Protection Act" often ed to as FOPA86. Existing machineguns were grandfathered and are still transferable albiet at very high prices. New production is only legal for govt agency or the military..."
It's an adorable piece, the weapon's cuteness doesn't match the cell phone gun!

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