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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Strong Appeal Forging the finest print

Since the war (in Iraq) began, we've been told military recruitment is down, and that the Army has attempting rectifying the problem by calling high school students and playing hip hop in tricked out HMMWVs.

I say, hip hop is played out, anime babes are more appealing to those who will be 18-24 in a year or two. Yes, drawn women hold the interest of America’s (and Canada’s, Japan’s, and South Korea’s) youth, and recruiters have been slow to realize that. In light of this, I’ve taken the liberty of finding some near-hentai artwork best suited for becoming analogs for the newest crop of recruitment images.

Oh yeah, we must embrace the lowest common denominator. We must do it for our country, that's right.
Tell me they don't grab your attention, especially when I try to fit the content of my message in between them. ^_^

You think I'm joking? No, I'm serious. Anime viewers are more susceptible to patriotic persuasion than you'd think, especially those who watch the male-oriented ones.

Besides, we've got to field something better if we're going to counter UBL's daring knew recruitment drive.

Did you stick around to read this text? If so, did the images have anything to do with it? Great, then I'd like to update my readers on the status of the format changes coming. It turns out I do in fact have the comments link available for individual posts now. Sadly, I can only see it when viewing a single post as a preview.

Let me try something...

Update: Try this.

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Did it work? I can't believe it!
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