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Monday, August 08, 2005

Over There Forging the finest print

So I did it, I watched the second episode of FX's Over There, knowing that no other in this sphere would write about it again.

I must say, some of the problems everyone pointed out in the first episode persist. The "jive brother" is still performing as he's typecast to do.
He even said "honky." He smokes, he's rash with his trigger finger, bucks responsability, and sees everything in racial terms.

If they kill him off or believably change him, the series can grow, however.
"Dim" was a little more likable this time. He's becoming more of a Webster (from Band of Brothers) type character than a Taylor (from Platoon). Actually, Charlie Sheen managed to actually make Taylor likable, despite Oliver Stone's best efforts!

It looks like Bo's going to fight back for his mates, his band, rather than forget about them as easily of that Tom Cruise character of Stone's. Tariq seems likable enough, as well. He seemed to breath in some knowledge and moral clarity the green bunch lacked in the first episode, and brought a lot to offer when they had their crisis at the checkpoint. Perhaps they aren't all characatures, after all.

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