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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dogpile Forging the finest print

Dogpile's joke of the day is:

Q: "Why did the jelly roll?
A: Because it saw the apple turnover"

Ha. But seriously, that search engine has some cool applications. Take searching for audio files, for example. People talk about pirating songs all the time, as if every noob on the net actually understood where every illicit item were placed. An inexperienced noob, however, will doubtlessly look for his favorite songs by aimlessly typing in search requests for Google, Yahoo, and other conventional engines to find. The searcher will be swamped in legitimate music stores, magazines, fanzines, chat rooms, and shrines to whichever band the searcher were interested in.

Chances are, if you search in this manner, I doubt you'll ever succeed in finding more than the few precious gems you'll be willing to slog for. Well, Dogpile's audio search makes it easy to locate practically any audio file you're likely to want, and you need no insider knowledge to find things.

Indeed, I just gave it a little try finding tracks from the underrated masterpiece Passengers: Original Soundtrack 1 and came up with Slug, Your Blue Room, Different Kind of Blue,
Beach Sequence, Miss Sarajevo, Ito Okashi, Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long), Elvis Ate America, and Plot 180. I found Always Forever Now and the Theme from Let's Go Native through a Windows Media Player music search. Now we're down to only two tracks missing, and I haven't been even introduced Bit Torrent yet!

Yes, folks, Bittorrent.com has a search feature now! Last time I tested it, not many people had their stuff in their search registery yet, but these things take time to grow. Torrents of course have their downsides, and don't seem to be user friendly. At least, I've had to help a few people figure out the most basic things about it. Therefore, I always introduce them to Dogpile first. This will satisfy you for a sec, but then you'll want videos. Dogpile will provide you those, too, but if you want large files on your hard drive, you'll just have to learn to torrent them.

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