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Thursday, July 07, 2005

School Vouchers #1 Forging the finest print

I’m cautiously heartened we’re moving forward when no one blames Columbine on the tools used, excellent. Wow, you guys even correctly place the ultimate blame on the institution, very positive! Now, if only you’ll build on this truth and seek alternatives to socialized education. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Milton & Rose Friedman’s endeavor to save our educational system through school vouchers. The voucher program would realistically open up a market of choices for parents, and rectify the squalor mandated by the educational racket terrorizing our country.

Today we all see the state of our system, that high school is almost pointless, that it breeds mass-murderers, that young adults aren’t suited for operating bank accounts. Populist politicians are resurging because our youth is economically illiterate, socialized programs are gaining popularity because students aren’t trained to be anything but dependant on government, and malaise is resurging because socialized education produces helpless whelps, not capable adults.

By strange circumstance, we have a president that supports school vouchers, but a public that rejects choice for phobia of a religious bogyman. Abstract imagery of brutal cult practices have replaced logic in the debate over school vouchers. People need to understand that a market atmosphere would have created an out for the two Columbine kids; it would have presented a selection to shop from. They could have found a niche to thrive in. When the state monopolizes something, it shuts out alternatives. Only one choice exists, allowing for complete stagnation. That’s where the blame lies.

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