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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Catching Stuff Forging the finest print

This is the handiest use of flash animation technology I've witnessed to date.

This is my column blog, and I usually save my Greatestjournal for the rounding up of the "instapunditry," but there's so much to try together today. It is just that kind of day!

NBC's Brian Williams is "catching stuff." I didn't even know MSNBC/NBC let it's talking heads keep their own comment logs, and doubly surprised to see that they must not edit it for them.
Here's the paragraph that has people shaken up:

"Many Americans woke up to a curious story this morning: several of the former Iran Hostages have decided there is a strong resemblance between Iran's new president and one of their captors more than 25 years ago. The White House and most official branches of government are ducking any substantive comment on this story, and photo analysis is going on at this and other news organizations. It is a story that will be at or near the top of our broadcast and certainly made for a robust debate in our afternoon editorial meeting, when several of us raised the point (I'll leave it to others to decide germaneness) that several U.S. presidents were at minimum revolutionaries, and probably were considered terrorists of their time by the Crown in England."
Here's his non-apology apology:

"Today, apparently, on some radio talk shows and blogs, my friends in the media have accused me of labeling George Washington a terrorist. They apparently missed my point: That the BRITISH CROWN might have viewed American revolutionaries that way."
I think you, sir, missed the point, that valueble point about moral relativism. No one accused you of finding evil in George Washington, but of excusing a contemporary one. Taking diplomats hostage is evil, sir, it would be best if you wise up and recognize that.

I'll win this next year.

Get to know where I live at this place.

This is going to be a full day, so expect things to pour in here and here all day.

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