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Friday, June 24, 2005

Stuff Forging the finest print

Hello! I wrote some things for naught that deserve reading. First up is a review written for an essay now taken down. It concerns property rights, so is on subject for the big court ruling:

"Dang it, I spelled Lucas wrong! Yeah, I figured it was the Star Wars story. Nothing's drawn that much attention to copyright law in my viewing experience here, but I was also pointing attention to the larger complexity of Lucas Arts' relation to fan fiction. Lucas personally fights to remove something called chanslash from the entire fanfic scene because:

1. He doesn’t want his subculture tarnished.

2. He doesn’t want his creation used toward legitimizing child molester organizations like NAMBLA.

3. He hopes to avoid having that sort of thing mistaken for being a part of the canon literature.

I’m sorry, I might put more trolling ideas in Raptor’s head with that little story. Well, I applaud your actions, Sarasa. The facts of this case is that a group of cool people generously put together a second home for all of us to play in, but with all the free fun came a few simple rules to follow. All of us consented to play under the conditions, but not all of us have followed, sadly.

Many shallow players in this episode have claimed their freedoms were violated, but this is clearly a case of property rights, not of expression. Raptor’s nascent sock puppet appeals to the supposed hard work put into his derivative work, but Star Wars isn’t unconditionally his. George Lucas still owns his property, and he invested his all after finishing film school to see this risky space opera venture through. There was a lot of scripting, screen writing, shooting, auditioning, promoting, and directing to go through, and he did it six times with just the movies.

I understand he micromanaged in the beginning, because the story arc we’re all familiar with was the master work of his life. Thanks of sketching something in your early twenties and finishing a full thirty years later. This was his blood and sweat. He wasn’t some preternatural uber-wealthy aristocrat the klepto sloth gangs imagine when they P2P or bit torrent someone’s dream, he was just another desperate graduate that put in the work to fulfill the luck that shined on him. I’d never make a seizure of that, but if he’s willing to throw out scraps, I’ll play in his world. I have the beginnings of a Star Wars fan fiction; at the proper site. I wrote it on a typewriter when I was twelve, so I’m sure it doesn’t measure up.

Anyway, Lucas, the actors, producers, designers, engineers, soundmen, the great John Williams, and the sanctioned authors like Zahn and Alston aren’t all the people that put blood and sweat into something Raptor violated, but the wonderful hosts of both of the writer host sites they created. Both sites are as thoroughly made as any of the wiki sites we’ve seen online. The beautiful people here fought hard to set it up, and took a lot of heat from their guests over a bug in the search engine this winter. The flaw was probably down in assembly code, and would have been tedious to fix, but someone did. We didn’t express gratitude, either, we collectively said “it was about time,” and held on to our frustrations until events bled it from our memories.

I don’t know any of these people, but I treat their property with respect, because I’ve made things I had to protect. Even the laziest of us have probably faced it. Many of us have built sand castles, and many have had thugs kick it over. Whenever I such a thing happen, I let in to the internal savage and hurt the perpetrators. They had shot the sand castle. The were armed. It didn’t sway me from my principles then, and I don’t like seeing it wherever I go to play.

Sarasa, I noticed you don’t display an email address anymore. Did you keep the threatening or obscene messages these thugs sent you? Most email services comes with a toolbar with a button for viewing the header file. The file will come with the sender’s IP logged. You can run an ARIN search to find their ISP administrators contact information. The admin will help you take the proper actions against them.

Krugman, the genius that brought us “No! My Anus!” Needs taken behind the woodshed. In your account’s log in area, there is a toolbar to the left. Below “Author Alerts” is a “Block Users” button. You can press it and add his user id to the entry field, and he’ll never troll on your posts again.

Good luck waving the flag."

Yeah, I saved it in anticipation of the essay going down. All this involves a copyright battle at fictionpress.com. Next is a Greatestjournal update that didn't come out right. Sadly, my links are gone :-(

"I've been staying out of 10 Downing Street because I considered it a British problem, not an American one. It turns out not even to be a British problem, at least once Blair gets ahold on the perception change taking place. Yes, they're fakes, they aren't "smoking guns," to use the turn-of-phrase I loathe.

Captain Ed has the whole story. I still don't care, but he has the story. I warn you he does accept money from the RNC.

I'm not sure I spoke of this previously, but the EU courts are... stupid.

I've been following a very interesting discussion board about ethonal, but I haven't joined in.

Wow, the Anti Defamation League must be a part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, too! The ADL says Durban's comparison of GITMO to the Nazi camps are flat wrong. They almost call him an anti-semite. Remember that ADL considers Europe very anti-semitic. This has the Senator a little miffed. He seems to be stepping it back. Baby steps, though. To this, Captain Ed gave him a well-deserved thrashing. Keep it up! Bill Kristol has an idea, but this doesn't look like something that will end in justice. The truth is, in Washington, if you have vowel beside your name, people with that same vowel will back you up, no matter what.
I hope this soap opera is canceled soon enough. I'd hate for this thing to ruin July 4th for everone. Chances are, something will, though. I'm looking toward a lot of loud fellas ready to scree at me if I go out to observe the holiday. I'll bring mace."

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