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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stuff II Forging the finest print

To "A Very Disappointed Author"

Sir, the origin of your account is an anathema unto the very meaning of this site, and your current project. You were invented as a counter-battery against a legion of reviewers who had a dire interest in protecting this beloved site from an eminent domain seizure by a new crop of fanficcers (a real word) that don’t know their place.

You’ve lost with the folks, because we know there is, to cite Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, a clear and present danger. Categories are bleeding together. The manga section is awash with Inuyasha stories, hobbits walk in the fantasy department, and X-wings are now performing immelmanns in the science fiction section. You created your account to be an accessory of a wrecking ball to all remaining structure and coherence of a highly idealistic community.

If you’ll please, read the stirring ’about’ page. You may grasp the idealism that went into the crafting of this place. They built a publishing house for us! It isn’t brick-and-mortar, I’ll never make a dime from it, but they gave me this gift I could use.

This place makes a perfect modern parable for the Genesis story. I suggest reading John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” for why that tale has had an impact on people for so long. Basically, Jehovah made a world for humanity practically free of charge. The world provided everything humanity would need for a peaceful existence, but rather quickly, man, although we had no hand in building the world, felt entitled to violate… the terms of service. They raided God’s library, in essence. They decided they were entitled to his knowledge, that they could put urine on his wall, or defecate in his wine flutes. Although given everything they’d ever need, they violated God’s property, and there was a price.

Fast forward to John Locke’s day. We’ve been here, but you missed the point. To determine if there are such things as “natural rights of man,” one has to determine if certain rights are valued by all men.
Locke (1632-1704), would have been inspired by the universal theme of ’Paradise Lost,’ published in 1667. It would have made one right staggeringly obvious! That the ownership of property is a sacred right! Fictionpress.com is a registered domain. It is property. They aren’t obligated to protect your account, or my account, or Kim Jung Ill’s account. (He probably has some screenplays here or at Deviant Art.)

The administrators, I don’t know them. I’m thinking of helping them out this fall. I’d like to help them keep IP logs of reviewers. That’s a really neat feature that would allow us to match Ips from a flamer account to all others taken by that user. It would partially vanquish this cowboy-and-Indians game of masked marauders and spleen-venting vigilantes. It would sizably cut down on these reactionary rants passing for essays. The site would lose it’s ardor for many of the people, but I consider it a vital reset.

And lastly, there is nothing to give positive feedback to in this posting. Everyone is willing to second that point. You are violating the terms right now, and don’t be sure this will stay up. I don’t know if the admins removed the work, or if Mister Flames voluntarily removed his own crass parodies, I’m guessing on the latter, but he’s had many removed.

I don’t live in the realm where every line of every work is going to be appreciated, and I thank God for that. I appreciate honesty, and I regularly dole out an honest critique that can never honestly be accused of falling into “groupthink.” I give supplemental information, supplemental sources, and try to educate writers.

Example: Sturgeon's law states that Ninety percent of everything is crap. When other users said ninety percent of fan fiction is crap, I thanked them for citing Sturgeon's law. I also thanked them for standing up for someone else’s property rights, and I meant it. They’re patriots under Robert A Heinlein’s definition, as he expressed it in a 1972 Naval Academy graduation speech.

I didn’t make a faux pas in my legal arguments, didn’t establish an ad hominem argument, was entirely coherent, gave helpful supplemental information to the readers, and thus, didn’t flame.

Your works to date have been sure non compos mentis, however, and by giving me a review forum, I have the right to say so. Vaya con Dios.

Published by Typewriter King | 9:27 PM
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