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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brief History of GOP Race Relations Forging the finest print

I would argue that most Americans believe in equal access to education
opportunities and equal job access, based on merit. America has elected a religious

minority in the '60s, and very nearly elected one in the nineteenth century. In

2000, a ticket that included a Jewish senator one the popular vote, and that ticket's

detractors never made Judaism a campaign issue, nor did it become a grassroots

issue within the opposition. White Americans cheer the black athlete, laugh with

the black comedian, and nominate/confirm a black Secretary of State, then another

one. One contemporary piece of revised history asserts the rediculous notion that Lincoln's when in 1860 had nothing to do with slavery, but that's not how it went down.

I don't have to probe very deep to understand why the South opposed him.

They didn't like him because he ran on the platform of the new Republican

Party, a group of former Whigs, Northern Democrats, and defectors from the

Free-Soil Party. The party's founders were firmly linked in common opposition

to slavery, particularly to the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. The southerners

saw the new party as an opposition bloc against their interests, and their

paranoia was heightened by the Harper's Ferry incident. They were surely

alarmed by the rapid growth of the GOP. Their first Presidential campaign was

just four years before Lincoln's run, and Lincoln's personal denial that he was

an abolitionist seemed insincere, even in print.

It is Lincoln's passionate, or belligerent, orations during his race for the

Illinois Senate that brought him to the party's fore, and his views on containing

slavery won him the ire of the Southern Democrat. Poor Seward was too

controversial to win, because he held even stronger opinions than Lincoln, so

the lanky Illinois native won. So he won the nomination, and the Republicans

were the only powerful party that was completely united, while the Democrats

split, kind of like in 1948. John Bell further split things in the Northern South,

taking away valuable electoral votes, and some xenophobe popular votes.

So Lincoln became president without any pull in the South.

The revised version of history is an effort by leaders of outdated special-interests

to “prove” never left its “foundation” (more like a nasty habit) of racism. I believe

my fellow citizens are good, and that when they say they aren't racists, that they

aren't hiding in the “racist closet.”

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