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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stuff II Forging the finest print

To "A Very Disappointed Author"

Sir, the origin of your account is an anathema unto the very meaning of this site, and your current project. You were invented as a counter-battery against a legion of reviewers who had a dire interest in protecting this beloved site from an eminent domain seizure by a new crop of fanficcers (a real word) that don’t know their place.

You’ve lost with the folks, because we know there is, to cite Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, a clear and present danger. Categories are bleeding together. The manga section is awash with Inuyasha stories, hobbits walk in the fantasy department, and X-wings are now performing immelmanns in the science fiction section. You created your account to be an accessory of a wrecking ball to all remaining structure and coherence of a highly idealistic community.

If you’ll please, read the stirring ’about’ page. You may grasp the idealism that went into the crafting of this place. They built a publishing house for us! It isn’t brick-and-mortar, I’ll never make a dime from it, but they gave me this gift I could use.

This place makes a perfect modern parable for the Genesis story. I suggest reading John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” for why that tale has had an impact on people for so long. Basically, Jehovah made a world for humanity practically free of charge. The world provided everything humanity would need for a peaceful existence, but rather quickly, man, although we had no hand in building the world, felt entitled to violate… the terms of service. They raided God’s library, in essence. They decided they were entitled to his knowledge, that they could put urine on his wall, or defecate in his wine flutes. Although given everything they’d ever need, they violated God’s property, and there was a price.

Fast forward to John Locke’s day. We’ve been here, but you missed the point. To determine if there are such things as “natural rights of man,” one has to determine if certain rights are valued by all men.
Locke (1632-1704), would have been inspired by the universal theme of ’Paradise Lost,’ published in 1667. It would have made one right staggeringly obvious! That the ownership of property is a sacred right! Fictionpress.com is a registered domain. It is property. They aren’t obligated to protect your account, or my account, or Kim Jung Ill’s account. (He probably has some screenplays here or at Deviant Art.)

The administrators, I don’t know them. I’m thinking of helping them out this fall. I’d like to help them keep IP logs of reviewers. That’s a really neat feature that would allow us to match Ips from a flamer account to all others taken by that user. It would partially vanquish this cowboy-and-Indians game of masked marauders and spleen-venting vigilantes. It would sizably cut down on these reactionary rants passing for essays. The site would lose it’s ardor for many of the people, but I consider it a vital reset.

And lastly, there is nothing to give positive feedback to in this posting. Everyone is willing to second that point. You are violating the terms right now, and don’t be sure this will stay up. I don’t know if the admins removed the work, or if Mister Flames voluntarily removed his own crass parodies, I’m guessing on the latter, but he’s had many removed.

I don’t live in the realm where every line of every work is going to be appreciated, and I thank God for that. I appreciate honesty, and I regularly dole out an honest critique that can never honestly be accused of falling into “groupthink.” I give supplemental information, supplemental sources, and try to educate writers.

Example: Sturgeon's law states that Ninety percent of everything is crap. When other users said ninety percent of fan fiction is crap, I thanked them for citing Sturgeon's law. I also thanked them for standing up for someone else’s property rights, and I meant it. They’re patriots under Robert A Heinlein’s definition, as he expressed it in a 1972 Naval Academy graduation speech.

I didn’t make a faux pas in my legal arguments, didn’t establish an ad hominem argument, was entirely coherent, gave helpful supplemental information to the readers, and thus, didn’t flame.

Your works to date have been sure non compos mentis, however, and by giving me a review forum, I have the right to say so. Vaya con Dios.

Published by Typewriter King | 9:27 PM
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Friday, June 24, 2005

Stuff Forging the finest print

Hello! I wrote some things for naught that deserve reading. First up is a review written for an essay now taken down. It concerns property rights, so is on subject for the big court ruling:

"Dang it, I spelled Lucas wrong! Yeah, I figured it was the Star Wars story. Nothing's drawn that much attention to copyright law in my viewing experience here, but I was also pointing attention to the larger complexity of Lucas Arts' relation to fan fiction. Lucas personally fights to remove something called chanslash from the entire fanfic scene because:

1. He doesn’t want his subculture tarnished.

2. He doesn’t want his creation used toward legitimizing child molester organizations like NAMBLA.

3. He hopes to avoid having that sort of thing mistaken for being a part of the canon literature.

I’m sorry, I might put more trolling ideas in Raptor’s head with that little story. Well, I applaud your actions, Sarasa. The facts of this case is that a group of cool people generously put together a second home for all of us to play in, but with all the free fun came a few simple rules to follow. All of us consented to play under the conditions, but not all of us have followed, sadly.

Many shallow players in this episode have claimed their freedoms were violated, but this is clearly a case of property rights, not of expression. Raptor’s nascent sock puppet appeals to the supposed hard work put into his derivative work, but Star Wars isn’t unconditionally his. George Lucas still owns his property, and he invested his all after finishing film school to see this risky space opera venture through. There was a lot of scripting, screen writing, shooting, auditioning, promoting, and directing to go through, and he did it six times with just the movies.

I understand he micromanaged in the beginning, because the story arc we’re all familiar with was the master work of his life. Thanks of sketching something in your early twenties and finishing a full thirty years later. This was his blood and sweat. He wasn’t some preternatural uber-wealthy aristocrat the klepto sloth gangs imagine when they P2P or bit torrent someone’s dream, he was just another desperate graduate that put in the work to fulfill the luck that shined on him. I’d never make a seizure of that, but if he’s willing to throw out scraps, I’ll play in his world. I have the beginnings of a Star Wars fan fiction; at the proper site. I wrote it on a typewriter when I was twelve, so I’m sure it doesn’t measure up.

Anyway, Lucas, the actors, producers, designers, engineers, soundmen, the great John Williams, and the sanctioned authors like Zahn and Alston aren’t all the people that put blood and sweat into something Raptor violated, but the wonderful hosts of both of the writer host sites they created. Both sites are as thoroughly made as any of the wiki sites we’ve seen online. The beautiful people here fought hard to set it up, and took a lot of heat from their guests over a bug in the search engine this winter. The flaw was probably down in assembly code, and would have been tedious to fix, but someone did. We didn’t express gratitude, either, we collectively said “it was about time,” and held on to our frustrations until events bled it from our memories.

I don’t know any of these people, but I treat their property with respect, because I’ve made things I had to protect. Even the laziest of us have probably faced it. Many of us have built sand castles, and many have had thugs kick it over. Whenever I such a thing happen, I let in to the internal savage and hurt the perpetrators. They had shot the sand castle. The were armed. It didn’t sway me from my principles then, and I don’t like seeing it wherever I go to play.

Sarasa, I noticed you don’t display an email address anymore. Did you keep the threatening or obscene messages these thugs sent you? Most email services comes with a toolbar with a button for viewing the header file. The file will come with the sender’s IP logged. You can run an ARIN search to find their ISP administrators contact information. The admin will help you take the proper actions against them.

Krugman, the genius that brought us “No! My Anus!” Needs taken behind the woodshed. In your account’s log in area, there is a toolbar to the left. Below “Author Alerts” is a “Block Users” button. You can press it and add his user id to the entry field, and he’ll never troll on your posts again.

Good luck waving the flag."

Yeah, I saved it in anticipation of the essay going down. All this involves a copyright battle at fictionpress.com. Next is a Greatestjournal update that didn't come out right. Sadly, my links are gone :-(

"I've been staying out of 10 Downing Street because I considered it a British problem, not an American one. It turns out not even to be a British problem, at least once Blair gets ahold on the perception change taking place. Yes, they're fakes, they aren't "smoking guns," to use the turn-of-phrase I loathe.

Captain Ed has the whole story. I still don't care, but he has the story. I warn you he does accept money from the RNC.

I'm not sure I spoke of this previously, but the EU courts are... stupid.

I've been following a very interesting discussion board about ethonal, but I haven't joined in.

Wow, the Anti Defamation League must be a part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, too! The ADL says Durban's comparison of GITMO to the Nazi camps are flat wrong. They almost call him an anti-semite. Remember that ADL considers Europe very anti-semitic. This has the Senator a little miffed. He seems to be stepping it back. Baby steps, though. To this, Captain Ed gave him a well-deserved thrashing. Keep it up! Bill Kristol has an idea, but this doesn't look like something that will end in justice. The truth is, in Washington, if you have vowel beside your name, people with that same vowel will back you up, no matter what.
I hope this soap opera is canceled soon enough. I'd hate for this thing to ruin July 4th for everone. Chances are, something will, though. I'm looking toward a lot of loud fellas ready to scree at me if I go out to observe the holiday. I'll bring mace."

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Deadball, Liveball Forging the finest print

In 1910, an inventor named Ben Shide made a livelier “jackrabbit” ball for the 1911 major league season. Baseball historians call the era from 1905 to 1910 the dark ages of the “dead ball era,” because offense slowed during these years. Shides ball was used in the 1910 World Series. The ball caused enough excitement that the league instituted it for the 1911 season.

Thanks to the vigorous properties of the ball, batting averages jumped thirty points from 1910 to 1911. The hated Tyrus Cobb won the batting title with an astonishing .420 average, greatly surpassing the previous year’s highest of .384.
The game picked up some more in 1920, when the league abolished the doctoring of baseballs. A pitcher could no longer add a substance to the ball’s surface, or scrape some away. This enforced lack of eccentricities meant a more uniform approach, and offensive statistics soared.

Babe Ruth batted .376 and blasted 54 four-baggers, carried a slugging average of 1,847, drove in 137 runs, and scored 158 runs, while George Sisler won the batting title with a .407 average, while he banged 257 hits.

The institution of a clean ball improved offensive statistics all around in 1921. The livelier ball resulted in the Tigers franchise batting .316, while the Babe smashed 59 taters and generating 171 runs.

In 1931, the balls were made less lively, but Lou Gehrig wouldn’t been denied, for he drove in 184 RBI, 211 hits, 410 total bases, 163 runs, and 46 moonshots.

But war caused the game to slow 1943. The war in the Pacific cut America off from it’s Southeast Asia rubber supply , forcing baseball to introduced a rubber less core to the ball. While the intention wasn’t to drive down runs, no dingers were hit in the season’s first 11 games, and the entire league failed to generate 1,000 runs. Tellingly, no slugger managed to belt as many as 30 round-trippers that year. Thankfully, that ball has never been used again.

So what actually causes a ball to be more or less active? No official answer exists, but many believe that manufacturers were inserting more rubber into the core of balls in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.
Perhaps so. The ball doesn’t seem to have changed much in the following eras. We aren’t sure what cause the 1961 homeruns explosion, except a short right field wall and two crazy sluggers in Yankee Stadium. We aren’t sure why Bob Gibson and others made pitching the dominant side in 1968. We do know the mound shrank in 1969, to offset the pitching, and we know that the game changed the ball cover from horsehide to leather in 1974.
We now also know players were juicing themselves in the nineties, after the 1994-95 broke baseball fan attendance. But every no and then, sportscasters and barmen will spin a conspiracy about a “juiced ball.”
Insiders aren’t telling, but what has happened before is bound to happen again, should some on the inside determine a livelier ball will increase the bottom line. We’ll see, but for now, this is the history of the baseball.

Published by Typewriter King | 7:48 PM
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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Retrospective Forging the finest print

That brilliant man Travis McKee just posted chapter one of the Retrospective of Typewriter Ribbons. It comes out at 18744 words and covers the Angelfire and Livejournal versions of Typewriter Ribbons, and of course, the very first HTML page versioin. So there you go, I have an archive at fictionpress!

Published by Typewriter King | 1:19 AM
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brief History of GOP Race Relations Forging the finest print

I would argue that most Americans believe in equal access to education
opportunities and equal job access, based on merit. America has elected a religious

minority in the '60s, and very nearly elected one in the nineteenth century. In

2000, a ticket that included a Jewish senator one the popular vote, and that ticket's

detractors never made Judaism a campaign issue, nor did it become a grassroots

issue within the opposition. White Americans cheer the black athlete, laugh with

the black comedian, and nominate/confirm a black Secretary of State, then another

one. One contemporary piece of revised history asserts the rediculous notion that Lincoln's when in 1860 had nothing to do with slavery, but that's not how it went down.

I don't have to probe very deep to understand why the South opposed him.

They didn't like him because he ran on the platform of the new Republican

Party, a group of former Whigs, Northern Democrats, and defectors from the

Free-Soil Party. The party's founders were firmly linked in common opposition

to slavery, particularly to the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. The southerners

saw the new party as an opposition bloc against their interests, and their

paranoia was heightened by the Harper's Ferry incident. They were surely

alarmed by the rapid growth of the GOP. Their first Presidential campaign was

just four years before Lincoln's run, and Lincoln's personal denial that he was

an abolitionist seemed insincere, even in print.

It is Lincoln's passionate, or belligerent, orations during his race for the

Illinois Senate that brought him to the party's fore, and his views on containing

slavery won him the ire of the Southern Democrat. Poor Seward was too

controversial to win, because he held even stronger opinions than Lincoln, so

the lanky Illinois native won. So he won the nomination, and the Republicans

were the only powerful party that was completely united, while the Democrats

split, kind of like in 1948. John Bell further split things in the Northern South,

taking away valuable electoral votes, and some xenophobe popular votes.

So Lincoln became president without any pull in the South.

The revised version of history is an effort by leaders of outdated special-interests

to “prove” never left its “foundation” (more like a nasty habit) of racism. I believe

my fellow citizens are good, and that when they say they aren't racists, that they

aren't hiding in the “racist closet.”

Published by Typewriter King | 8:46 PM
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

End of History Week Forging the finest print

Yeah, its the middle of the second week, but I had a hacker to fight. He's taken care of, so here's the post.

How did the Church deal with the many patterns of belief and di

From the beginning, Papal authority looked unquestionably corrupt, but not terribly brutal. Rome, in fact, worked hard to keep feudal Christians from killing each other for the longest time. Pope Innocent III set a new tone in Europe, however. While in office, he organized two Crusades, one against the Cathars, merely a group of separatists that believed the Roman Church belonged to Satan, and the other Crusade attacked the Eastern Church, after a fashion.

Transubstantiation, or, as the Lutherans call it, Consubstantiation, is a center for some bizarre debate, largely springing from the Book of Luke, and its account of quotes from the last supper. From what I can gather, Jesus commanded the followers to remember him with a thanksgiving-type feast, but the Early Church, probably swayed by a certain Greek-educated tentmaker, elaborated the ritual into a routine miracle. Centuries later, I’m laughing at all those theologians, because they overlooked the key fact that Jesus WAS HOLDING THE BREAD when he stated that it was his body! And they burned guys like Nick Ridley and Hugh Latimer for denouncing flawed beliefs like these; unbelievable.

Reformers of England held a great advantage over reformers in all other European lands. Bede wrote many scholarly works in the vernacular Old English, and preserved many oral traditions and histories in writing. The people of England, through these recordings, could recall a time when another band of missionaries spread a different version of the faith, without many of the undesirable trappings of the Church. During and after the twelfth century, Englishmen were tired of living under the Papal yoke. Church officials escaped punishment for all kinds of crimes, because they were held under the jurisdiction of Canon Law. Interestingly, John Wycliffe didn’t speak out against the Church too much until after he joined a diplomatic team to negotiate tribute to the Vatican authorities in the 1370s. He resented exporting English wealth to alien Rome, while enemy France, with a domestic Pope, kept its wealth home. He seemed highly motivated by nationalism, first condemning the Papal tithing, and other forms of extortion. Not until the 1380s did he begin the real business he’s special for, including his training of lay preachers. His English bible, which eventually made up some eighty-to-ninety percent of the King James Version, was finished shortly after his death. Lollardism reached Bohemia after Richard II married Anne. It didn’t take long for Catholic corruption to actually suppress the word they claimed to spread. Eventually, censorship became a more formal and preventive authority, with heretical works recognized under the Index of Forbidden Books, a list that stayed in vogue until 1948, a year in which a great many things changed.

Normally, the Church kept its heretic crusades under it’s own authority, but in Spain, the Church authorized Ferdinand and his cousin/wife Isabella to reform the non-Christian population. For the purpose of creating religious unity within Spain, the King and Queen founded the Santa Hermandad, and shortly after, supplemented that national police unit with the infamous inquisitors. Ferdinand’s greatest triumphs and treacheries came in the year 1492, when he successfully conquered the final Moorish holdings, and expelled well over 100,000 Jewish “undesirables.” Half a millennia later, the memory of his reign was celebrated in the 1992 Olympic games. Of course, his endorsement of an ambitious Genoese explorer factored more in his favor than his killing of perceived heretics. The Genoese explorer, Columbus, exported the Inquisition to the New World.

Even if he does call himself the Pontifex, the Priest of Rome never legitimately held a higher office than the priests of the other churches. Christians place a lot of emphasis on an institution’s foundation, and the foundation of the Roman Church is based on a pack of myths and traditions, not supported by any writings of the Apostles. Perhaps ethical reasons existed for the Pope’s assumed dominance. Rome, after all, was the center of the universe. Taxes and food came from outward into the city, and the heavenly bodies orbited the city, of this, the ancients recorded carefully. No, these things weren’t true, and astronomers were the first to prove it. Kepler, the famous German mathematician, was so moved by the truth, he joined the more tolerant Protestant cause, even though Luther personally chided him for his belief that the sun is stationary. Galileo became the first martyr for science, and German princes from that time on ignored Rome. Cities like London and Paris became the new alternative intellectual centers, and empires conquered for a more personal God and Country. Embryonic America gleaned its values from the London and Paris intellectuals, and the revolutionaries decided to prevent the establishment of a state religion by establishing freedom instead. But yes, some authoritarian measures ARE necessary, for the sake of convenience. The majority has the right to impose their day of rest on a reasonably small majority, and the majority also has the right to establish several of their most important holidays. Some of the most important moral laws should also be enforced. It’s only natural that the majority should decide the control of their environment, but minority religious beliefs shouldn’t ever again be subject to witch-hunts. At least, as long as they don’t deprive me of life and limb.

Published by Typewriter King | 5:17 PM
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